14th to 17th October 2018
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Bahrain, (from the Arabic word for “two seas”) comprises of an archipelago of thirty-seven islands in the Persian Gulf, situated close to the shore of the Arabian Peninsula.

The islands are about 24 km from the east coast of Saudi Arabia and 28 km from Qatar. Geographically, Bahrain is perfectly positioned for 24/7 international trade. It is next to Saudi Arabia, the largest market in the region that serves as a hub for services and trade between the Middle East and the rest of the world. Bahrain also lies in the middle of the oil shipping route between the Middle East and the West.  Bahrain, partly due to its relatively modest hydrocarbon endowments, has long been a pioneer of economic diversification in the Gulf region. While it was the first regional economy to discover oil in 1932, it was also home to the first oil refinery (1936), and several industrial ventures such as Aluminum Bahrain (ALBA, set up in 1968). 

A significant offshore banking sector emerged in the 1970s and today Bahrain maintains its title as the Banking Capital of the Middle East.  Bahrain’s current GDP growth rate value is 2.20 percent, standing at USD 31.86 billion and has an interest rate of 1.50 percent - the 19th lowest interest rate in the world! 

C&B’s unique mix of international expertise, local know-how and its strong partnerships with Government, Semi- government and others support C&B in its vision to take the region’s F&B industry to new levels of innovation and success.

A Robust Hospitality & Restaurant Industry

Hospitality is Bahrain’s Heritage, and the Kingdom is a multicultural melting pot. This diversity has shaped a welcoming business and leisure destination, and one where great food is at the heart of the way of life.  Today, the Kingdom’s Food & Beverage sectors are experiencing remarkable growth. The Bahrain Hospitality & Restaurant Expo 2018 aims at ensuring that this positive growth is sustained in the years to come.

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